visionPad. Your Vision Assistant Manager

visionPad born from an idea of Federico Bartolomei and Roberto Iazzolino with the aim of developing a professional application to help ophthalmologist, optometrist or orthoptist in the assessment of visual performance and rehabilitation in visually impaired people.


Thanks to the contribution of specialists such as Giovanni Giacomelli and Roberto Volpe, visionPad is now able to replace an ordinary projector or even an expensive ottotipo computer. 

Thanks to its flexibility of use it can be moved in several office. Each of those will be recognized thanks to internal geolocation and visionPad will set the right working distance, and it will calibrate the duo-chrome tests in according with the anaglyphic filters inside the trial lens set or inside the phoropter. 


Software has been designed by Giovanni Ciaffoni, engineer in Francesco Cavazza Institute of Bologna